Waystones DataPack for 1.19.2/1.18.2 – Faster Travel with Waypoints

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Waystones 1.18.2

Waystones DataPack for 1.19.2 is a multi-dimension that will allow you to travel different world with the help of waypoints that can be easily found while using this DataPack. You will only have to craft and place the waypoints in order to travel between the different locations in your Minecraft world. This DataPack have been started about seven months ago, it has gained immense popularity among the players since then.It has been developed by the PauseKawa.

This DataPack is a dream come true for the people, Who eagerly wanted to travel all over the world within a few seconds of the time. You will also be getting the waypoints list in order to quickly travel to every destination that you have crafted waypoint for.Only you will have to right click in order to open the waypoints list in the game. You can also remove the waypoints by simply breaking them. It will also get the item back whenever you will destroy the waypoint.

Waystones Data Pack Changelogs:

  • When you will get the item, You will just have to rename it to anvil, The name of item will quickly define the waystone and waypoints in the list.
  • Place your waystone anywhere within the vanilla dimension, But it will require enough space for the block to fit like 3 block high range.
  • Right click the waystone in order to open the waypoints list, From there you will see all avaiable waypoints you or your friends that may have set in the Minecraft world.
  • A simple block that can let you travel through different dimensions or friends bases in the game.
  • Left Click to the waypoint in order to get teleported.
  • You can also remove the waypoints by simply destroying them and getting back the item.
  • Waystone can only be crafted by using 1 Eye of Ender, 2 Amethyst Shard, 1 Lodestone and 3 Polished Andesite.
  • Waypoints list will be shown within the image below.

Waystones Data Pack Settings:

  • /reload
  • /datapack list
  • Getting the waystone directly into your inventory by using this command.
  • /function pk_wast:waystone/helpers/give
  • Do you want to remove waypoints in a specific dimension than join and type this command in order to remove them.
  • /function pk_wast:base/uninstall/remove_all_waystones_in_dimension
  • If you have switched to other mods in the game use this command below.
  • /data modify storage pk_wast:data RenderItemMode set value “biome”
  • Support mode will require a different command, You will have to use this command below.
  • /data modify storage pk_wast:data RenderItemMode set value “support”
  • Do you want to uninstall the waypoints in each of the dimensions?
  • /function pk_wast:base/uninstall/remove_all_waystones_in_dimension
  • You can also clear the data for every dimension.
  • /function pk_wast:base/uninstall/clear_data


Waystones Crafting Waystones DataPack Waypoints list

Waystones Data Pack Installation:

  • Step 1: Downloading this DataPack.
  • Step 2: Create a Minecraft World.
  • Step 3: Save the Minecraft world.
  • Click on single player then select the world you’ve saved.
  • Click on the saved world and then open worlds folder.
  • Open the Data Packs folder.
  • Move your downloaded file into data packs folder.
  • Open Saved world.
  • Press /reload.
  • Data Pack will be working.
  • That’s all the commands.
  • Have fun and enjoy this unique DataPack.

Download Waystones Data Pack:

For Minecraft 1.19.2:


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