WASD Moar Pickaxes DataPack for 1.20.5 – 22+ Pickaxes


WASD Moar Pickaxes Resource Pack

WASD Moar Pickaxes DataPack for 1.20.5 will be adding bunch of mysteriouc pickaxes that can be handy and powerful at the same time. You will need to craft them at the survival mode, But unless you’re using creative mode you can feel free to enjoy with your buddies. Lucky Pickaxe will be a dream come true whenever you’re mining, It will drop a good or bad item based on the rarer ore you mine. Log Pickxe mines a 3×3 area but very slowly and gradually. Frosty Pickaxe: Transforms nearby water into ice and converts lava into obsidian. Snow Pickaxe: Causes ice blocks to fall when used; no additional effects. This DataPack have been developed by the Eastonium.

The Moar Pickaxes datapack introduces a variety of novel pickaxe variants to the Minecraft gameplay. Rather than emphasizing statistical enhancements, this pack strives to incorporate picks with unique abilities or traits. As a result, it seamlessly integrates with other datapacks within the ‘Moar’ series. Miner’s Pickaxe: The Excavator’s Pickaxe efficiently carves a 3x2x1 tunnel directly ahead of you. Essentially, it clears out a strip mine in 3-block increments, reducing the time spent breaking blocks. However, its mining capability is limited to lower-tier materials, restricting it to stones and other fragile blocks. It lacks the strength to break higher-tier ores. Tunneler’s Pickaxe: The Excavation Pickaxe hollows out a 3x3x1 area, centered on the block you target, making it ideal for clearing large spaces. However, it cannot break through “fragile stones,” which encompass materials like stones, netherrack, sandstone, concrete, and others.


WASD Moar Pickaxes DataPack Logs:

  • Diamond Tunneler’s Pickaxe:
    This enhanced version of the Excavator’s Pickaxe shares the same characteristics as the standard model but boasts diamond durability. With Efficiency 5 and a Haste 2 beacon enchantment, you can achieve instant mining.
  • Momentum Pickaxe:
    Initiates mining slowly at first but grants instant mining after breaking a block. The effect persists until no blocks are mined for 0.25 seconds.
  • XP Pickaxe:
    Offers a 1/3 chance to yield 1 XP when breaking a block.
  • TNT Pickaxe:
    Triggers a TNT explosion at the mining site, presenting a high risk due to its low durability.
  • Pillow Pickaxe:
    A leisurely pickaxe pre-enchanted with Silk Touch.
  • Rainbow Dyemond Pickaxe:
    Yields a random dye each time a block is mined, providing a unique and colorful dye farming experience.
  • Firework Pickaxe:
    Results in a random firework explosion upon mining, serving no particular functional purpose.
  • Giant Diamond Pickaxe:
    Excavates a substantial 3x3x3 block area, capable of mining ores as well.

WASD Moar Pickaxes DataPack Settings:

  • Compatible with multiplayer features.
  • Press L to find advancements that will show the in-game recipes.
  • You will have to make everything in the custom crafter from scratch.
  • In order to Install Make Sure to download Libraries, DataPack and Resource Pack together.
  • Without these 3 above it won’t be making things easier for you.
  • Trouble reloading the DataPack.
  • /reload
  • Are you finding the datapacks list command below?
  • /datapack list
  • That’s all the required commands for you to know for this pack.

Installing this DataPack in Minecraft:

  • Step 1: Acquire the DataPack by downloading it.
  • Step 2: Initiate the creation of a new Minecraft World.
  • Step 3: Save your newly created Minecraft world.
  • Navigate to single-player mode and choose the saved world.
  • Access the saved world and open the worlds folder.
  • Inside the worlds folder, locate the Data Packs folder.
  • Transfer the downloaded file into the Data Packs folder.
  • Reopen the saved world.
  • Execute the /reload command.
  • The Data Pack will be working perfectly.
  • These are all the necessary commands to install the DataPack.
  • Enjoy with this awesome DataPack.


WASD Moar Pickaxes 1.18.2 WASD Moar Pickaxes 1.19.4 WASD Moar Pickaxes Crafting WASD Moar Pickaxes DataPack WASD Moar Pickaxes Libraries

Download WASD Moar Pickaxes DataPack:

For Minecraft 1.20.5:


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