Vaults of Abandon DataPack for 1.20.5 – Boss Battles

The Vault Data Pack 1.20.5

Vaults of Abandon DataPack for 1.20.5 will be based on exploring the map, while conquering your territory and have wonderful types of loot everywhere you’ll go and find something in the loot chests.Embark on a quest to conquer the Vault within the realm of Abandon Vanilla+ datapack in Minecraft. This custom datapack is designed to elevate your Vanilla gameplay, introducing unique mobs, three naturally spawning dungeons, three formidable bosses, magical elements, and a diverse collection of exclusive items discovered only as loot in dungeons. Looking for a compact multiplayer adventure? This datapack is compatible with Realms, delivering an exciting PVE experience. Beagleblocks developed this DataPack.

Dive into a Minecraft adventure where the primary goal of this datapack is to intensify the difficulty, putting a spotlight on exploration. Those daring enough to tackle the three new dungeons – the Manor, Monastery, and Market Dungeons – will be granted rare and unique weapons and abilities found exclusively within. Anticipate a challenging journey with numerous tough encounters added to the overworld, nether, and end. Players now wield an expanded arsenal, featuring flintlock weapons and magic, which they must master to overcome the array of new mobs and bosses. Insights on Minecraft Dungeons: Each of the dungeons mentioned below is crafted with replayability as a core concept. They generate with various randomized templates, room choices, loot placements, mob encounters, and trap options to ensure a fresh and unpredictable experience each time.


Vaults of Abandon DataPack Logs:

  • New Features: Greedox – Ender Demon.
  • Approaching the final touches for Greedox.
  • Introducing Snare Attack (Traps nearby enemies and bestows lifesteal upon Greedox).
  • Health boosted from 750HP to 800HP.
  • Refer to the Greedox section for a comprehensive breakdown of the Snare Attack mechanics (it involves some intricate details).
  • Totemic Armor:
  • Greedox Boss Room Spoils –
  • When a player wears any individual piece, it now provides a consistent 33% chance of not consuming a Tome (percentage does not accumulate).
  • Revamped the loot system, increasing the likelihood of obtaining superior items.
  • Enhanced chances for acquiring magical items.

Vaults of Abandon DataPack Settings:

  • Commands required for this DataPack.
  • Finding all custom items without finding them and using them.
  • /function voa:showcase_items
  • Reloading the Datapack.
  • /reload
  • Trouble finding if datapacks are working?
  • /datapack list
  • That’s all the required commands.

Installing this DataPack in Minecraft:

  • Step 1: Acquire the DataPack by downloading it.
  • Step 2: Initiate the creation of a new Minecraft World.
  • Step 3: Save your newly created Minecraft world.
  • Navigate to single-player mode and choose the saved world.
  • Access the saved world and open the worlds folder.
  • Inside the worlds folder, locate the Data Packs folder.
  • Transfer the downloaded file into the Data Packs folder.
  • Reopen the saved world.
  • Execute the /reload command.
  • The Data Pack will be working perfectly.
  • These are all the necessary commands to install the DataPack.
  • Enjoy with this awesome DataPack.


Vaults of Abandon - Vanilla Vaults of Abandon 1.19.4 Vaults of Abandon DataPack Vaults of Abandon The Vault Data Pack

Download Vaults of Abandon DataPack:

For Minecraft 1.20.5:


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