Gamingbarn’s Morph DataPack for 1.20.5 – Turn Player Into Mobs

Gamingbarn's Morph DataPack

Gamingbarn’s Morph DataPack for 1.20.5 is a very simplistic and fun to play DataPack. It will be allowing the players turn into different types of mobs by using commands. You can morph yourself within few seconds by using a command. Easily you can also find different types of commands that can be used in the settings heading below. You can also turn into a similar mob by changing its variant by typing the command and the name. This DataPack have been designed by the Gamingbarn.

Unleash a groundbreaking feature in Minecraft that lets you metamorphose into various creatures. No longer confined to a human form, you can effortlessly shift into different mobs with a simple command. Morphing grants you access to their unique abilities, though some perks might pose risks, demanding strategic usage. For instance, assuming the guise of a Bee grants you the gift of flight, but beware – water becomes your mortal enemy. Opting for a Creeper transformation lets you unleash explosive power, but the consequences might lead to your demise. Explore this new dimension of possibilities as you navigate the Minecraft world in a multitude of forms.

Gamingbarn’s Morph DataPack Logs:

  • Newly Introduced: Frog Morph! Players can now undergo a fascinating transformation into a frog in the Minecraft realm. Enjoy the perk of enhanced jumping ability, and to add more excitement, the frog morph comes in three unique variants.
  • Additionally, Embrace the Tadpole Morph! Venture into the waters with the latest Tadpole Morph feature. Players can now assume the adorable form of a tadpole, showcasing both cuteness and swimming prowess. Dive into these enchanting morphs and elevate your Minecraft adventures with these charming additions.
  • New Fox, Goat and Salmon Mobs.
  • Added Parrot, Squid and Glow Squid Mobs.
  • Fixed Bat, Vex and Tropical Fish.

Gamingbarn’s Morph DataPack Settings:

  • Morph yourself with this command.
  • /trigger morph
  • You can also change the variants of certain morphs by using this command.
  • /trigger skins
  • Run this command to change the mob and variant directly:
  • /trigger [MOB]_[ Variant Name]
  • To restrict specific players from morphing abilities, execute the command:
  • /tag PLAYER_NAME add no_morph
  • To restore their morphing ability, execute the command:
  • /tag PLAYER_NAME remove no_morph

Installing this DataPack in Minecraft:

  • Step 1: Acquire the DataPack by downloading it.
  • Step 2: Initiate the creation of a new Minecraft World.
  • Step 3: Save your newly created Minecraft world.
  • Navigate to single-player mode and choose the saved world.
  • Access the saved world and open the worlds folder.
  • Inside the worlds folder, locate the Data Packs folder.
  • Transfer the downloaded file into the Data Packs folder.
  • Reopen the saved world.
  • Execute the /reload command.
  • The Data Pack will be working perfectly.
  • These are all the necessary commands to install the DataPack.
  • Enjoy with this awesome DataPack.


Gamingbarn's Morph 1.19.4 Gamingbarn's Morph 1.20.4 Gamingbarn's Morph Data Pack Gamingbarn's Morph Gamingbarn's Morph 1.18.2

Download Gamingbarn’s Morph DataPack:

For Minecraft 1.20.5:

Minecraft 1.19.4:

For Minecraft 1.18.2:


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