Ninja Moves DataPack for 1.20.5 – 1.19.4 (Master Ninja Parkour)

Ninja Moves DataPack

Ninja Moves DataPack for 1.20.5 will be based on parkour. Unlock the ability to wallrun, crawl, execute double jumps on walls, or climb nearly anywhere in vanilla Minecraft with Ninja Moves. It’s designed to work seamlessly in multiplayer! (For optimal performance, consider using a small yet powerful server due to the required resources. This DataPack have been designed by the FunkyToc.

This DataPack is based on to become a Ninja or a Parkour Master. Achieving that is within reach with dedicated training. It is very user-friendly yet challenging to perfect. Master the art of crawling by sneaking and looking down near a hole. Achieve a soft landing by sneaking and landing on wheat, sand, wool, leaves, or sponge to minimize falling damage.


Ninja Moves DataPack Effects List:

  • Crawl (Easy): Master the art of sneaking and looking down near a hole.
  • Soft Landing (Easy): Execute a soft landing by sneaking and landing on wheat, sands, wools, leaves, or sponge to minimize falling damage.
  • Roll (Easy): Jump from a height of 4 blocks or more and sneak to perform a roll on the ground, reducing falling damage.
  • Climb (Medium): Sneak in mid-air, directing your gaze towards the block to ascend. Shift right or left in parallel for effective climbing.
  • Wall Jump (Medium): Gain a quick momentum for a second jump by sprinting and jumping towards a wall.
  • Wall Run (Hard): Challenge yourself by sprinting parallel to a wall.
  • NEW Additional Climbable: Bamboo, chain, fences, iron bars, lightning_rod, and buttons are now added to the list of climbable objects.
  • NEW AutoEnableNinjas: Take control by deciding who among the players becomes a ninja with the new AutoEnableNinjas feature.

Ninja Moves DataPack Commands:

  • To Get Options in this DataPack.
  • /function fknm:options/get
  • Reloading command: /reload
  • Finding datapack list command: /datapack list
  • If you are using Lazy Chunk Loading -> OFF.
  • To achieve a Naruto-style experience, enhance the duration allowed for wall running (both static and dynamic)
  • /scoreboard players set MaxWallRunTime ninjam.Option 3600
  • /scoreboard players set MaxWallRunReact ninjam.Option 3600
  • Addressing the player teleportation back while wall running: This problem is primarily associated with OPTIFINE’s LAZY CHUNK LOADING or low CPU/server performance. Consider using flat worlds with fewer friends, and adjust the render distance as necessary. Please note that this feature is not optimized for survival mode.
  • Wall running disruption at a specific world position: Verify the chunk’s border using F3+B. If the issue occurs at the chunk limit, it is likely caused by Optifine. Resolve this by disabling the “Lazy Chunk Loading” option.

Installing this DataPack in Minecraft:

  • Step 1: Acquire the DataPack by downloading it.
  • Step 2: Initiate the creation of a new Minecraft World.
  • Step 3: Save your newly created Minecraft world.
  • Navigate to single-player mode and choose the saved world.
  • Access the saved world and open the worlds folder.
  • Inside the worlds folder, locate the Data Packs folder.
  • Transfer the downloaded file into the Data Packs folder.
  • Reopen the saved world.
  • Execute the /reload command.
  • The Data Pack will be working perfectly.
  • These are all the necessary commands to install the DataPack.
  • Enjoy with this awesome DataPack.


Ninja Moves DataPack 1.20.4 Ninja Moves Wall Jump Ninja Moves Wall Run Ninja Moves 1.19.4


Download Ninja Moves DataPack:

For Minecraft 1.20.5:


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