Hopo Better Underwater Ruins DataPack for 1.20.5 (Cities, Ruins)

Hopo Better Underwater Ruins 1.19.4

Hopo Better Underwater Ruins DataPack for 1.20.5 will be based on cities, ruins and archaelogy. You can also explore the ruins, fossils and more things with the help of this DataPack. You will also be getting dungeons and loot tables. This DataPack have been developed by the Hoponopono.

Embark on an exciting underwater adventure as you delve into the depths of the oceans. Discover a wealth of captivating sights, valuable loot, unexpected surprises, challenging mobs, intriguing structures, and opportunities for underwater archaeology. It’s essential to come well-prepared for this immersive journey! This experience is compatible with world generation datapacks and is also functional on Paper/Spigot platforms. However, it’s advisable to create a backup beforehand, as occasional bugs may occur with Paper.


Hopo Better Underwater Ruins DataPack Logs:

  • Certain loot items have been toned down slightly to ensure a balanced experience.
  • Introduce additional loot within suspicious blocks, including banners, potions, and barrels containing valuable items.
  • Introduce 20 new small structures scattered around cities to enhance the overall aesthetic and detail. Among them, there’s a special mission awaiting: rescue a stranded axolotl in need of assistance.
  • The structure previously labeled as “underwater_ruins” has been aptly renamed to “underwater_city” for improved coherence, a change reflected when using the “/locate structure” command.
  • Extensive playtesting has led to revisions in loot tables, enhancing the overall value of discoveries with a more rewarding assortment of items.
  • Structural distribution has been revamped to evoke a more “city” vibe, coupled with enhancements to certain architectural elements.
  • A bug has been rectified wherein small ruins or fossils generated with floating water outside the ocean, resulting in an anomalous appearance.
  • The underwater city will no longer spawn in frozen oceans, as Drowneds have indicated it’s not an ideal location for constructing an underwater base.
  • To add aesthetic charm, select structures now feature decorated pots in specific areas.
  • Introducing a new drowned mob type! This nimble adversary, akin to a ninja, boasts swift movements, wields an iron sword, and promises an added layer of challenge. Best of luck facing this formidable foe.

Hopo Better Underwater Ruins DataPack Commands:

  • Locate structures command.
  • /locate structure
  • Reloading this DataPack.
  • /reload
  • Finding DataPack list.
  • /datapack list

Easy Installation Guide for this DataPack:

  • Step 1: Acquire the DataPack by downloading it.
  • Step 2: Initiate the creation of a new Minecraft World.
  • Step 3: Save your newly created Minecraft world.
  • Navigate to single-player mode and choose the saved world.
  • Access the saved world and open the worlds folder.
  • Inside the worlds folder, locate the Data Packs folder.
  • Transfer the downloaded file into the Data Packs folder.
  • Reopen the saved world.
  • Execute the /reload command.
  • The Data Pack will be working perfectly.
  • These are all the necessary commands to install the DataPack.
  • Enjoy with this awesome DataPack.


Hopo Better Underwater Ruins DataPack 1.20.4 Hopo Better Underwater Ruins DataPack Hopo Better Underwater Ruins Hopo Better Underwater Ruins 1.20.2

Download Hopo Better Underwater Ruins DataPack:

For Minecraft 1.20.5:

For Minecraft 1.19.4


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