Africa Mob DataPack for 1.19.2/1.18.2 – African Animals

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Africa Mob 1.18.2

Africa Mob DataPack for 1.19.2 will be featuring various types of mobs and animals within the game. This DataPack have been started about three months ago, It have been 100% completed. You will be getting some six new mobs in the game. This DataPack have been developed by the 0g SugaR.

This DataPack will be mainly focused on providing animals that you’ve never seen before. It will be ostriches, camels, lion, eleplant, meerkat and jerboa. You will be getting custom sounds, custom models too. It will also bring custom animations and the animals can naturally spawn in their own habitat. Animals have been made from scratch, In order to put huge detailing in the animals that can make them realistic as possible.

Africa Mob Data Pack Changelogs:

  • Added 6 New Animals and Mobs.
  • New Custom Animations and Custom Models.
  • Improved Custom Sounds and Naturally Spawning.
  • Elephant can spawn with the young baby elephant one or two by their side in the savanna biomes
  • Lion will be claiming their territory in the savanna, You should not step too closer and step with caution around them.
  • Camel is a ridable mob that can be usually found in dwells and deserts, You can also milk them by dropping a bucket or using right-click to put a chest on them. They does not require to be tamed.

Africa Mob Data Pack Settings:

  • Resource Pack and DataPack will work together only.
  • Do you want to spawn eggs for each animals command.
  • The function command below will help you spawn eggs for every mob in the game.
  • /function africa:giveeggs
  • You can also reload the DataPack command.
  • /reload
  • Trouble finding the DataPack list?
  • /datapack list
  • Have fun.


Africa Mob Ostrich Africa Mob Jerboa Africa Mob DataPack Africa Mob Camel

Africa Mob Data Pack Installation:

  • Download this Data Pack.
  • Create a Minecraft World.
  • Save the Minecraft world.
  • Click on single player then select the world you’ve saved.
  • Click on the saved world and then open worlds folder.
  • Open the Data Packs folder.
  • Move your downloaded file into data packs folder.
  • Open Saved world.
  • Press /reload.
  • Data Pack will be working.
  • That’s all the commands.
  • Have fun and enjoy this unique DataPack.

Download Africa Mob Data Pack:

For Minecraft 1.19.2:


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